Patch Updates for Current Game Releases

Please Note for All SOM Windows Games - Due to recent Windows Updates you may experience problems while installing or launching a SOM game. If you encounter errors please locate your Setup.exe program (normally will be saved in the Windows Downloads folder) then follow these directions:
  • Right-click the Setup program
  • Select "Properties"
  • Select the Compatibility tab
  • Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
  • At the bottom of the screen check "Run this program as an administrator"
  • Click OK
Gamers should also note that this problem can also occur when clicking your game file/icon to launch the game. If you experience a similar error when trying to launch the game please follow the above directions by right clicking on the game file/icon and make the same adjustment

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2018

Version 2018g update Patch is now available. All users should download and install Version 2018g immediately. . Click here to download the G patch for Baseball Version 2018


  1. 1) 2017 Data Corrections:
    • - The transaction files has been corrected to add 3 more player moves. This will allow you to restart the league and run without receiving an error on your 2nd run.
    • - Mike Napoli, Texas - Injury reading was moved from 3-2 to 3-3 on the right side.
    NOTE: You will not see these fixes unless you completely reinstall the 2017 rosters. If you already have a 2017 season underway you should manually make the change to the Mike Napoli card.
2) The Cloud Hosting feature had a few bugs that have been addressed:
    • - In leagues where road games are played (instead of home games) you were not able to upload the game result files. That has been resolved but to do so you must select the home team (not your team) and then push the game files.
    • - Email addresses with a "." in it were not working.
    • - Issues with the Download league progress bar were addressed.
    • - Intermittent error when trying to push computer managers was fixed.
    • - Dynazip errors were being displayed for some users when trying to download the league.
    • - A fix was made to address a situation that occurred when you claim more than one team in a leauge.
  1. 3) The "Extreme Batter-Pitcher Matchups" max rule was not being toggled on and off with the Main Rules setting on the Options / Rules dialog. The program will now ignore the "Extreme Batter-Pitcher Matchups" max rule if the Main Rules is not set to "Maximum Level".
  1. 4) Monthly Leaders were incorrectly showing overall totals for traded players.
  1. 5) When using the new batch import of computer managers the game would sometimes crash.
  1. 6) When using the DH rule with double-duty players the computer manager would sometimes pinch-hit with a player who was already in the game as that team's pitcher.
  1. 7) If 7th inning stretch occurred immediately following an injury roll then the trivia question would not display properly.
  1. 8) The "Welcome to the Stadium" wav file was playing even if all the sounds were turned off. This sound is now controlled by the "Spectator Sounds" setting on the Sounds option menu.
  1. 9) If a team was deleted and then a team with the same name abbreviation was added back to the league then subsequent imports of game files was resulting in the won/loss records in the standings to be incorrect.
  1. 10) Released players were showing an incorrect team abbreviation if they qualified for the leaders report. Since they are not on a team their code will be shown as "***". Note that this also applies to players who have been traded but have not yet accumulated any stats with their new team.
  1. 11) Loc Files have been updated for many ballpark pictures. The wall heights and fence distances have been changed to reflect the stadiums as of 2017.
  1. 12) The latest SOM-Baseball Rulebook PDF has been included (this is installed in the main game folder)
  1. 13) The Extreme Batter-Pitcher Matchups max rule is not compatible with the Lineup Evaluator as it is too memory intensive to run tens of thousands of games with. An error message now displays if you try to run an evaluation with this option turned on.
  1. 14) The Game Lobby had the following two bugs corrected:
    • - When trying to assign a new sound for the various actions a File Save dialog was being displayed instead of a File Open dialog.
    • - Occasionally after closing the Game Lobby and logging back in the user's name would not be displayed.
    • - A variety of lobby display glitches were addressed.

Football Version 2017

An update patch is available for Version 2017 Football, all users should download and install the patch immediately. Please click here to download and save the Version 2017F update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.


    • -Netplay Spectator Mode was hanging, this has been fixed.
    • -The Netplay module has been improved to provide greater stability
Data Fixes in Version 2017F
    • -2016 Season there were no YAC ratings for OL/TE combo players. 28 such players have been updated
All previous fixes from version 2017E are also included in the F update
  • - Netplay was issuing spurious disconnect messages. This version should mitigate that problem by allowing 20 seconds for a response from the server before a message is posted indicating a disconnect. If that does happen then you should be able to exit the game gracefully and after re-establishing a connection to your opponent you should be able to resume your game. In the event either player loses his internet connection you should use the Game/New Game menu item and wait for the connection to be restored. Then restore the saved game as per the following note:

***VERY IMPORTANT NETPLAY NOTE*** - You should always use the "Auto Save After Each Play" Game Option for Netplay games!!! If you are disconnected you must restore the "_autosave.sof" file to continue playing. If that will not work then try restoring the "_autosav2.sof" file (which is the state of the game one play earlier). Do not restore your own manually saved game files as they may be in an unstable state due to the disconnect!!!

- In rare circumstances a message was being displayed after the "Game Over" dialog button was clicked that indicated "Error in Get Team" and subsequently the game would not respond. While we were not able to recreate the problem we have added code that will hopefully prevent this problem from occurring. If you experience the problem please take a screen shot of the error message and email it to



  • - Bryce Petty, New York AFC, Linebuck Right #9 s/b F 0 2, 0 3-12
  • - HB Christine Michael, Green Bay, HB - Rushing Longest gain was incorrect
  • - Buffalo Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #12 s/b +31
  • - Green Bay Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31
  • - Minnesota Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31
  • - Philadelphia Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #4 s/b +31

College Football Version 2017

An update patch is available for Version 2017 College Football, all users should download and install the patch immediately. Please click here to download and save the Version 2017F update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.


  • -Netplay Spectator Mode was hanging, this has been fixed.
  • -The Netplay module has been improved to provide greater stability

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2017

Netplay Version 2017J update Patch is now available. All users should download and install Version 2017J immediately. This update will clear up any issues that occurred when Patch I was released and reverses the Netplay Module back to its stable level from Patch H. Click here to download the J patch for Baseball Version 2017

This J Patch retains the other fixes from previous updates which are listed below. ITEMS FIXED IN VERSION 2017I PATCH

  • 1) The Netplay component introduced has been improved to provide greater stability.
  • 2) On teams which have had numerous transactions (more than 75 players have appeared on the team's roster throughout the season) some players stats were not showing in the stats display at the bottom of the League Manager screen when the player was selected.
  • 3) The change from the 2017H patch related to runners on 2nd base not always being held has been backed out (see #6 under the 2017H patch below). This rule can be confusing because the rule about runners stealing third base (23.4) states "Otherwise, follow the instructions above for stealing second base", which includes 23.3.C.1. The question is what is excluded by the "otherwise", and that is not 100% clear. We have reviewed the rules and determined that 23.3.C.1 does not apply to the runner on second. However (and this is the point that caused the original bug report which prompted the change), please note that in the computer game even if the runner on second displays that he has a 100% chance to steal 3rd base he is still required to roll for the lead before stealing. The roll for the lead also applies to * rated base stealers.
  • 4) The WAR rating calculation was improved for older seasons. It now scales the rating based upon the year (which is also done by some other proprietary WAR calculations you can find online).
  • 5) A bug with Daily Data that prevented July 9th's games from playing on the proper date was fixed. ITEMS FIXED IN VERSION 2017H PATCH (also included with this patch)
      • 1) The Netplay component has been re-written. It is much more stable than the previous versions of Netplay. It no longer requires port-forwarding to be setup, either. Everything will look just as it did except on the startup dialogs the fields related to IP Addresses and Port numbers have been removed. Instead, for direct connect games the host team will be assigned a unique Game Number (like "12345") and he tells his opponent that number (via text, email, phone, etc). His opponent enters that same Game Number at startup and they are connected without the need for technical things like IP Addresses, port numbers, or port forwarding. Please see the "Netplay" entry in the Help File for full details.
      • 2) The computer manager would sometimes try to pinch hit using a player who was already in the game.
      • 3) The computer manager was not utilizing the shift often enough for Daily Data leagues.
      • 4) While using Daily Data the pitcher's target pitch counts could be unrealistically high or low, especially towards the beginning of the season.
      • 5) If turned on as a Max Rule, the Defensive Shift rule was being used even if the Main Rules were not set to "Maximum Level".
      • 6) (NOTE: THIS CHANGE HAS SUBSEQUENTLY BEEN BACKED OUT - SEE ABOVE) Runners on second base were not always being held by the computer manager in accordance with rule 23.3.C.1 which states that "*" rated baserunners on second base get the lead 100% of the time if not held.
      • 7) The Cancel button has been added back onto the New Scheduled Game dialog.
    ITEMS FIXED IN VERSION 2017G PATCH (also included with this patch)

  • 1) Daily Draft Leagues were experiencing ID-193 Crashes.
  • 2) Manual Entry for play results had a problem where if the secondary positions were not entered it would show weird results on the scoresheet. That has been corrected. Additionally, the two optional secondary fielding positions are now auto filled with "no fielder" so that you don't need to make a selection for these fields in order to proceed. Note that the game engine requires you to enter a primary fielder for outs.
  • 3) 1872 - The on-base percentages and slugging averages on the cards were transposed.
  • 4) 2016 - Alcides Escobar (KCA) had an injury on his card which has been removed.
  • 5) Loc Files - The following missing ballpark .LOC files have been included (note: these were also separately distributed with the V2017-LOC patch):
  • BP063 (day and night) - Atlanta
  • BP069 (day) - Detroit
  • BP071 (night) - Houston
  • BP075 (night) - Pittsburgh
  • BP078 (day and night) - San Diego
  • BP091 (day and night) - St. Louis
  • BP092 (day and night) - New York (NL)
  • BP095 (night) - Fort Bragg (one game for Atlanta)

Hockey Version 2016

An update patch is available for Version 2016 Hockey, all users should download and install the patch immediately. Please click here to download and save the Version 2016d update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to. The 2016d patch update addresses the following issues:
  • - During faceoffs short-handed teams sometimes had an extra player on the ice which caused the wrong faceoff chart to be used. When this happened the short-handed actions (such as skating and icing) were not being shown.
  • - The prompt to verify taking a timeout had a typo which as been fixed. It now asks "Are you sure you want to take your timeout now?"
  • - A new link from the Help menu has been added to directly acccess the New Help File from within the program. In addition clicking the Help button during the game will bring up the new help file.
Basketball Version 2015 There are currently no updates for Basketball Version 2015 Social Media Update Patch for Baseball Version 2014 - An update patch is now available to correct all issues with posting to Facebook, Twitter and from Baseball 2014. Note: this update only applies to version 2014 of the game, it will not work with previous versions of the baseball game. To download the Social Media update patch, please click here. After downloading and installing this patch please read the Patch_2014SM text document located in your game install folder for details on how to use the new modules to post to these social media sites. The new modules differ from older modules previously included with the game. Patch Archives: