1927 Negro League Baseball Season Roster

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  • Best of five: Chicago tops in race where only nine games separate top five teams
  • Blackball stars: 15 Hall of Famers include Bell, Charleston, Dihigo, Foster, Rogan, Wells
  • Twice as nice: Rated to play as a 10-team league or with 1925-29 Major League seasons
Full Summary

Strat-O-Matic adds power to its lineup of Negro Leagues seasons with this offense-heavy league and tight pennant race. HR and RBI leader Turkey Stearnes (.355-31-112, .675 slugging), one of 15 Hall of Famers in this collection, leads four stars who slugged higher than .600 – Martin Dihigo (.360/.448/.633), Oscar Charleston (.331/.421/.621) and Red Parnell (.377 / .409 / .612). Chino Smith and Jud Wilson are other big bats in a league with Judy Johnson, Pop Lloyd, Biz Mackey, Bullet Joe Rogan, Mule Suttles, Ben Taylor, Cristobal Torriente and Willie Wells. Cool Papa Bell led in SB (39) and runs (107).

Top pitchers are Big Bill Foster (27-8, 2.44), Ted Trent (23-13, 3.32), Harry Salmon (21-12, 2.87), Willie Powell (21-12, 2.88) and Phil Cockrell (17-15, 3.14)      

They are rated to play in a segregated 10-team league, or integrated with any of the Major League seasons of 1925-29. The package includes pennant-winning Chicago American Giants and their Negro Series opponents, the Atlantic City Bacharachs, set up additionally for the Series, with lineups.

Requires Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2014 or higher to play. Season roster release new for 2014.

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