1978 Football 6 Team Card Set

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  • When the Super Bowl was Super
  • Super Bowl Teams: Steelers (14-2), Cowboys (12-4)
  • Rams (12-4), Dolphins (11-5), Patriots (11-5), Broncos (10-6)

Full Summary

You can do it – beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl with a Roger Staubach-Tony Dorsett Dallas team that fell 35-31 after a dropped pass in the end zone. Well, you can try. The Steelers’ Terry Bradshaw was the NFL’s No. 1 passer, Franco Harris ran for 1,082 yards and the Steel Curtain defense forced 48 turnovers, 44 sacks and gave up more than 17 points only twice. Or maybe try it with LA, which beat Pittsburgh in the season, or with Miami, the highest-scoring AFC team, or with New England, which won eight of its first 10 games. Can’t get enough? Here’s more.   

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This is a 6-team card set. The entire 1978 NFL is available in the computer version.

126 cards total, each team includes 14 offensive skill players, 3 elementary and 3 advanced defensive cards, as well as individual ratings of offensive linemen and defensive players.