1983 Football USFL 6 Team Card Set

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  • New Rival: League challenges NFL with famous coaches, players
  • Top Teams: Michigan the first champ; Philadelphia goes 15-3
  • Name Game: Herschel Walker, Anthony Carter, Kelvin Bryant, Greg Landry star;George Allen, Jim Mora, Steve Spurrier coach
Full Summary

The United States Football League didn’t last long. But it had its moments with spring football on national TV in major stadiums. Famous coaches and players helped build a cult following. In the USFL’s inaugural season, the Michigan Panthers used the passing of Bobby Hebert and receiving of Anthony Carter to win the first championship over the Jim Mora-coached Philadelphia Stars, led by RB Kelvin Bryant (1,442 rushing yards, 16 TDs, 53 receptions) and LB Sam Mills. George Allen coached the league’s highest-scoring team, the Chicago Blitz (12-6), to the semi-finals and a 44-38 overtime loss, despite the offensive heroics of QB Greg Landry and WR Trumaine Johnson. Also carded in this six-team set: Steve Spurrier’s Tampa Bay Bandits (11-7), the Boston Breakers (11-7) and Oakland (9-9 with All-USFL TE Raymond Chester).

This is a 6-team card set. The entire 12-team 1983 USFL is available in the computer version.