1984 Football 6 Team Card Set

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  • Montana, Marino (5K yards), Elway go 42-6
  • Super Bowl Teams: 49ers (15-1), Dolphins (14-2)
  • Broncos (13-3), Seahawks (12-4), Raiders (11-5), Redskins (11-5)

Full Summary

So near-perfect: San Francisco (one loss, by 3 points) and QB Joe Montana (65% complete, 8.4 yards per pass, 28 TDs, 2% interceptions). Good enough to whip Miami QB Dan Marino, who set records with 5,064 yards and 48 TDs. Denver is also dangerous, with the AFC’s No. 1 defense, John Elway and a 1,100-yard runner. Can’t get enough? Here’s more.  

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This is a 6-team card set. The entire 1984 NFL is available in the computer version.

126 cards total, each team includes 14 offensive skill players, 3 elementary and 3 advanced defensive cards, as well as individual ratings of offensive linemen and defensive players.